Tim's Note:  ​ o2b Fun, Inc; I wanted to let you know just how much Scott, Tim and I appreciate the scholarship that o2b Fun,Inc gave to Tim in May 2015 toward Technical College Training.  This is a huge financial relief for Scott and me as the scholarship is an encouragement to Tim, because he knows that he has others, besides his immediate family, who are rooting for him to succeed!  We are so appreciative of the Companies that Support o2b Fun, Inc as well.  They are allowing this nation's youth to succeed and become productive citizens, who will, in turn, help to bring up other youth in the future.Thank you so much.  We love you so very much!!! The Sandmeyer's

Ava's Note:  ​ Ava's dream is to be a Marine Biologists and because of the gracious scholarship given to Ava to attend her educational summer camp by Brenda and o2b Fun, Inc she was able to fuel that desire this summer and we are all so grateful!  Ava enjoyed and attended Aqua Camps at The Florida Aquarium where she was able to be in three (3) full weeks of awesome camps. Please know that now more than ever Ava wants to fulfill her dreams and she is headed straight into High School with that desire renewed.  Thank you to every one who supports o2b Fun, inc and please keep on supporting Brenda in all her endeavors so all our kids can become productive citizens in our communities as they reach their hearts desires.  Elated Mom, Wendie

Maxwell's Note:  Thank you to o2b Fun, Inc their Board of Directors and Supporters for our May 2015 grant given to my son!  Max enjoyed the 2015 Robotics Arduino & C Programming summer camp at the Tampa Preparatory School.  This camp is all about building circuits and learning how to control those electronics with C Programming. Thank you o2b Fun, Inc for allowing my son to enjoy this experience as we would not have had the funds to send him without your full support.  Thanks so much for helping to encourage his interests!

Darnesha's Note: ​Darnesha made a decision to continue her education by attending Law School in Gulfport, FL after applying for and being accepted in seven (7) different colleges.  As a mother we are so proud of her and grateful o2b Fun, Inc for your support in allowing our daughter to fulfill her dreams.  As an attorney or soon to be an attorney you know our daughter will be giving back to her community in every aspect.  Again thank you on behalf of our family and lovely daughter!

HAN'S NOTE:  ​ Thank you so much o2b Fun, Inc for the 2015 Scholarship funds which will enable me to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  As a Tarpon Springs High Student it is an honor to be selected and receive this scholarship grant.  I look forward to graduation and becoming a productive citizen in my community, giving back and thank you for your support to enable me to take this step in my education.  Hans​

ABBY'S NOTE:  ​ Thank you o2b Fun, Inc for the summer camp scholarship as I used the funds to pay for my church camp experience.  Camp was the highlight of my year sna what I had looked forward to all year long.  Thanks to your organization I got to build a stronger bond with my friends and create new friends all while growing closer in my faith.  I learned the most about the Holy Spirit and how important it is in my daily life.  I know I have grown as I read and pray more where I did not before the experience of camp.  Thank You Abby.​

CHRISTIAN'S NOTE: Thank you for allowing me to win my 8th grade educational scholarship.  I want to work with my hands and this summer I was able to go to the Dominic Republic where I helped to build houses, drill wells and used my Spanish for families that have nothing.  Thank You, Christian!

Leto High Culinary Nielsen Tech Award o2b Fun, Inc provided a cash scholarship on behalf of Nielsen in Oldsmar for a Technical Scholarship that went to Leto High School Culinary student to Florida's Culinary school.  

note in 2014 we had three (3) winners and they did not provide any testimonial

Put the FACES TO All Our testimonials ...

Thank You to All our HERO'S who give, donate and provide to ensure we make this happen!!

bright house networks - thank you for supporting 2014 & 2015 & 2016


all student winners testimonials ... in their own words



​ASHLEY (Pinellas) Attended Naples Nature’s Wonder Summer Camp Program Lead by The Ritz-Carlton resort Conservationists!  During the day I enjoy hands-on discovery programs that utilize a science-based curriculum, complete with microscopes and visual stimuli like preserved reptile skeletons.  All the tools to help a marine biologist stay engaged.
VERONICA (Sarasota)
NASA’s week long sessions she experienced space flight on motion simulators, meet and talk with a real live astronaut. She rode the Shuttle Launch Experience and participated in Team-building activities that provided her the chance to perform a space shuttle mission simulation and brainstorm ideas for future space travel.
JACOB (Polk)
Jacob attended the Zookeeper camp at Busch Gardens, from Sunday through Thursday. Students are up early to fed and learn what the life of a Zookeeper is about by cleaning, feeding and learn about conservation and work together to improve it.
LIYANA (Hillsborough)
Attended Clash Camp for one full week at Camp Kulaqua and learned teambuilding with Christian classes.
Attended and completed PTEC for automotive training.  Hunter will be taking over his family’s automotive shop ensuring Fowler Automotive stays in the family for the Third Generation!
Noelle (Pinellas)
Is using her funds to attend St. Pete College with gratitude to all those that support o2b Fun Inc. which enabled her to attend college. 
Sandra (Manatee)
I will be using her funds to continue her love of art by attending The Art Institute of Tampa.  Thank You for believing in me!
Damarcus (Pasco)
will be using his funds to attend Florida College studying Physiology to help fellow troubled students.  Damarcus thanks our supporters as well his high school teacher who helped turn him around!
Daniel (Hernando)
Thanks to you I get to attend PTEC to learn how to work on cars and provide for himself, his family as well be an asset to him community by being a working citizen.

NIELSEN CULINARY SCHOLARSHIP was awarded to a Leto High School Student that provided $1,000. cash scholarship to continue their Culinary Dreams!

*** Additional grants in 2017***: NIELSEN Tech Student/Leto High School; Ozona Christian School; Make Them Matter; Crystal Lake Middle School; American Cancer Pinellas; Lou Gehrig’s ALS; RCS; Leto High Culinary; Freedom High; and Plant High School.

MICHAEL (Tarpon Springs Md.) Thank you for the 2016 Middle School Scholarship that I used to attend MFuge with my church. What an impact this has made in both my career choice and growing my faith.
ALEC (C’side Academy Md.)  Thanks to all the people who give to o2b Fun as you allowed me to grow this summer with my 2015 Educational Summer Camp scholarship without this I could not stay engaged in my future career choice.
CHAD (Webb Md.) Thanks for your scholarship that was used to attend summer Band Camp at the University of South Florida. 
AUSTIN (Beth Shields Md.) My scholarship money went to attend a week long iD Tech camp in Jacksonville, which is for coders, and gamers.  Using adobe and other engines I will keep my mind fresh in high school to be prepared for college.  Thanks!
APRIL (FL State)  April will graduate from Florida State with and she plans to travel to the Dominican Republic for one month to learn Spanish Medical terminology for serving Florida Families.
MARIA (Sickles High) Because of your scholarship I am able to attend Drexel University online to gain my Digital Librarian degree.  This career focuses on collection of all types of digital records and I look forward to being a part of a cutting edge career
NINA (Pinellas Park High) Excited to win this scholarship and Thanks to o2b Fun Scholarship I get to peruse my career choice of First Responders by attending Sea School for Coast Guards. USCG here I come and thank you supporters of o2b Fun.
KENAN (#1 SHEP) Thanks for the SHEP Award scholarship that allowed me to pursue my horticultural passion. 
DANIEL (#2 SHEP Pasco High)  Thanks to o2b Fun and your supporters I won the second SHEP award and am able to attend PTEC for automotive training so I can get a job to help my family.  
PAUL (#3 SHEP Crystal River) My family and I am so grateful to the supporters of your business that allowed me to attend Computer Programming courses at University of Tampa.

​NOTE 2016:  Because of our Clearwater Threshers MLB Big Donation; Countryside Bowling and Our Silent partner we will be granting a Total of Three -3- Awards in our:  SHEP Category for 2016!  THANK YOU ALL or helping us GROW Aspiring Youth into Productive Adults that give back to their community!


Welcome to our page for Students on scholarships, grants and full details on how you can apply with the potential of being awarded a scholarship.  Applications are available here in February Annually, at the bottom here.  Applications need to be downloaded, completed and returned as stated no later than April 15 Annually.  When submitting, please print, complete then either email or US Postal mail back to us no later than April 30 Annually to be considered: PO Box 2533, Oldsmar, FL 34677.

o2b Fun, Inc was incorporated on August 17, 2014 to provide educational scholarships to students needing assistance without respect to creed, color, nationality, disabilities or belief.  Our desire is to Educate, Equip and Empower all students for the betterment of themselves and the community in which they live. NOTE - Consider gifting gently used laptops; computers; iPads; cell phones;  office equipment and any household items to be completely erased/bleached and cleaned before being gifted to needy students.

thank you our 2018 donor sponsors: chick-fil-a and casper's corporation!

Thank you to our Two (2) Continued Faithful Sponsors of the 2018 SCHOLARSHIP PARTY!  

Chick-Fil-A; Casper’s/McDonald's along with o2b Fun Inc. hosted 425 families at our Annual Party where we gave out $35,000 in Educational Scholarships all thanks to YOU OUR HERO’S who made this possible, Sponsors, Cash Donors, Auction Providers, and Event Attendees!     YEAH YOU OUR HERO’S!!  Until next time keep it REAL FUN!
Caspers Company/McDonald's   http://www.casperscompany.com

Chick-Fil-A  https://www.chick-fil-a.com 

On the date of our IRS Approval/Start Date in 2014 (8-14-2014) we granted TWO (2) Students with Educational cash scholarships.  In May 2015 (our first full year in business) we granted EIGHT (8) Students with Educational Cash Scholarships plus we provided to five (5) Tampa Bay Community businesses with Cash Grants to further their programs!  In June 2016, we granted TEN (10) Tampa Bay Area Students with Cash Educational Scholarships.   In June 2017, we are set to grant TWELVE (12) Tampa Bay Area Kiddo’s with Educational cash scholarships!

2018 Scholarships: Ten Total awards went to Summer Camp Experiences; Eight Total awards went to College Bound TB area Students and Sixteen Other Scholarships were awarded to Local Schools or Not for Profits

2017 Scholarships: Ten total were awarded with four (4) to Middle School TB Area Students and Six (6) to College Bound TB Area Students; & Culinary Student at Leto High on behalf of Nielsen Company.  Testimonials below!

2016 Scholarships: Awards were granted to Four (4) 8th Grade Students headed into High School and Six (6) College Bound Students.  In addition for 2016 we have provided grants to: Pinellas County Pregnancy Center; Tampa Pregnancy Center; American Cancer Society; Countryside Cares Pantry; Lou Gehrig's ALS; RCS; FSU School of Medicine; RCS; Leto High Culinary Dept.; Nielsen Tech grant; Manatee High School Band Dept.; Enter In Ministries; Food Pantry of Sarasota; and Make Them Matter Pinellas County.  PLUS Culinary Student at Lego High Scholarship on behalf of Nielsen Company! Testimonials Below!

2015 Scholarships: College scholarships went to two (2) Pinellas County and three (3) Hillsborough County College Bound Students.  Eighth (8th) Grade Scholarships went to two (2) 8th grade Hillsborough County students and two (2) 8th grade Pinellas County Students!  PLUS 2015 additional grants to =  Make Them Matter; Walk for Life Pinellas; Relay for Life American Cancer; Lou Gehrig's ALS; Oldsmar Cares Gala; Freedom High School needs and Countryside Cares! PLUS Culinary Student at Lego High Scholarship on behalf of Nielsen Company!​   Testimonials Below!

2014 Scholarshipwas awarded to One student from Derrick Brooks Foundation and FSU School of Medicine Additionally, we granted to Countryside Cares food and clothing pantry as the Start of our business grants or scholarships. No thank you note given.

NOTE - Every Year we provide One (1) Award to a student headed into a Technical or Specific Schooling that is not a local college.  This is know as our "SHEP Award," in honor of our Young Friend & Inspiration Michael Sheppard who passed way too soon.  We want his memory to live on through other eager minds!

NOTE - 2017 we are adding a new One (1) Award to a student headed into Culinary program for all eight (8) counties in the Tampa Bay area!  Leto High and others make your applications known!